The Naoi Meadow Way is a life-style based on the values
and ethics of the prophet Jesus of Nazareth.

It was founded in 2001 by Ed Reed as his own unique way of co-traveling with those Christian faiths he most admired, but without having to blindly accept the full body of their doctrinal theories and teachings.

NM arose out of his life-long search for a nice Jesus-inspired approach to religion which embraces the traditions, symbols, holidays, and rituals of the mainstream Euro-American Catholic, Protestant and LDS churches, while steering clear of the dogmatic myopia and political extremism that has come to define so many of the modern churches in the U.S, including evangelicals.

Ed became ordained as a minister and studied Biblical history for many years, struggling along the way to understand why practicing Christians seem so different from Jesus; and why they seem to ignore, or even shun, the things that could make this world a better place: love, nature, peace, beauty and respect for all life. If the Buddhists and people of other ancient religions hold these things dear to heart, why do Christians not?

He concluded that much of has to do with a misguided interpretation of Jesus' basic message by some of his early followers --- the result being the invention of a religion that places too much concentration on the Godhead figure "Christ" and too little on the simple teachings of the humble traveling rabbi they called Jesus. And thus was born The Naoi Meadow Way.

NM is simply Ed Reed's way of taking a somewhat retro approach to being "Christian", turning back the clock a century or two, kicking aside the chaos and techology-obsessed corruption of modern society, and learning to live what he calls "The Right Life", an approach, he believes is one the man Jesus would condone and appreciate.

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