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Welcome! You're just in time to help us get things started.

It's not happening quite yet. But on our drawing board are the plans for an exciting new Christian congregation we dream of establishing soon, right here on an idyllic patch of pastoral ranch land, nestled in the hills between Austin and San Antonio, along the banks of the Guadalupe river, beneath the Spanish moss laden boughs of majestic old cypress trees and live oaks.

As soon as enough of you come onboard, we hope to begin regular services and fellowship activities; and those we envision to be uniquely simple by design, beautiful in sight and sound, reverent, and in keeping with the wonderful way small-town America used to worship, in those quaint bygone days of our great grandparents.

The first step (and where we are now) is to try to interest enough people in the idea. And that is what this online effort is all about. Hopefully, you will read through a few of these webpages, find a lot to your liking, and reach out to us via twitter, facebook, or our discussion forum.

There is an interesting theology behind it all, however, which is probably much different from anything with which you may be familiar.

We teach that:

  • Jesus was likely a much deeper and more interesting man than the canonized gospels and other Christian writings reveal.
  • Apart from his covenant, Jesus' wisdom may have been influenced by extensive travels along the silk route & even studies with Buddhist monks.
  • God's handicraft, nature, is comprised of the trine of Peace, Beauty and Life. And the Father expects us, with Jesus' guidance, to look after them.
  • It is our sacred duty to prevent the chaos and corruption of mainstream society from seeping into and contaminating our homes and our lives.
  • Improving the earth, our society, and the lives of those around us are more Jesus-like than selfishly seeking eternal salvation in some murky future realm.
  • Jesus wore many hats (and still does in a parallel, unseen, realm); but it is his role as our counselor and teacher of wisdom we most embrace.
  • Simple homespun family values and virtues need to be reintroduced into our culture; and we would welcome the chance to help lead the way.

So, as you can see already, we are hoping to share with our friends, locally and elsewhere, an approach to Christianity that has all the trappings of early twentieth century small-town Euro-Americana (steeples, church-bells, stained glass, caroles & hymns included), but with an underlying ethic the Dali Lama would appreciate. Or even Gandhi, who once famously said, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

The gospels tell us that even the original disciples failed to grasp the meaning of Jesus. We suspect that the subsequent generations of Christians may well have missed the boat entirely. It is our desire to strive to know and follow the one we see as the true Jesus of Nazareth, the historical figure who was almost certainly a much deeper thinker and a more complex and worldly prophet than people realize; the one who brought with him (and would have given us, had his life not been cut short) a much more profound and meaningful message from the Father in heaven than the abridged, myopic and utterly cryptic version cobbled together by well-meaning early church fathers.

Ours is an approach we call "refined Christianity".

If you are a Jesus admirer at heart, but find yourself struggling in search of a way to follow him that feels right, you may find The Lucan Family Chapel and its companion lifestyle, the Naoi Meadow Way, to be a fascinating new approach indeed. The little torquoise button down below will take you to the next in our series of webpages and start you along the path to what could be quite a fun and enlightening adventure.

If nothing else, maybe you would welcome a break from the hectic (and way less than satisfying) pace of day-to-day secular life to enjoy a little respite; a chance to walk hand-in-hand with the one true superhero, Jesus, and us, his new crop of disciples, in the tranquility of his sacred abode, the beautiful garden path we refer to as the Naoi Meadow Way. Come along and help us start the world's first "refined" Christian congregation.

Thanks for stopping by. Now let's begin the adventure, shall we?

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